Our office is closed, but our doctors are still committed to supporting you.

If you need to purchase supplements, please visit our ORDER SUPPLEMENTS page or call the office at 781-7900.


If you are an established patient being followed by our providers for ongoing health issues, or if you develop new health concerns, we invite you to have a telemedicine visit.

To begin, please download the telemedicine visit waiver on our PATIENT FORMS page. If you’re not able to download the form, you may email info@osteohealthme.com to give us your consent to schedule a telemedicine visit.

We will reach out via email to schedule your appointment. Once your appointment time has been established, we’ll send a confirmation email that will include your appointment time and the doxy.me link you will use to have your telemedicine appointment with your provider.

For more information on telemedicine visits, click here.

For more information on COVID-19 Immune Support Guidelines for Adults and Children, click here.

Thank you for your patience during our office closure as our staff resources are limited. We will be in touch as soon as we can during our normal business hours.

We are here for you.

About Functional Medicine

The principles of functional medicine align with osteopathy, as both are focused on finding the root cause of disease. Like osteopathy, functional medicine looks at how all of the body’s systems are interrelated, as well as how patients relate to their environment, genetics, and lifestyle. A partnership between doctor and patient informs lifestyle changes, and more natural approaches for restoring health are pursued whenever possible. Practicing from a functional medicine perspective enhances the range of diagnostic and treatment methods that we are able to provide our patients.