Biodynamics of Osteopathy Courses

THE BIODYNAMICS OF OSTEOPATHY Courses with Donald V Hankinson, DO

Thank you for your interest in the Biodynamic curriculum. These courses are offered at the University of New England’s School of Osteopathic Medicine in the Alfond Center’s OMM lab. Participants will earn 22 hours of Category 1A CME credit from the AOA. The Biodynamic model of Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment, developed by James Jealous, DO, offers physicians (both DO and MD) as well as dentists, a fresh perspective on Dr. Sutherland’s Cranial Concept. The program currently consists of 9 Phases. Each Phase introduces a wide range of concepts and perceptual skills, which are crucial to developing, not only a thorough understanding of the principles of this Biodynamic model, but also a clear sensory experience of what these concepts really mean. The goal is for the physician to be able to interact with these concepts effectively, consistently, and safely in the treatment of their patients. The Phases are each designed to provide important building blocks which create the foundation for subsequent Phases. This structure serves to make the material more accessible and more easily digested. Participants are strongly encouraged, therefore, to take the Phases in the order in which Dr. Jealous intended, if they wish to develop a complete and coherent picture of his approach to OCF. The format for the Phases is intended to create as supportive an environment as possible for participants. Over the 4 days, the curriculum is paced to allow the intention of Primary Respiration to be expressed in the moment. Adequate time is also included in the schedule for rest and recreation. In addition, I have scheduled my courses over weekends so that they will have less impact on your work schedules. Below you will find links for the Course Registration and Information Forms. If you would like more information, our contact information can be found on the Course Information documents. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

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