The Treatment Of Infants And Children

Osteopathic Care of Children is a safe and effective treatment for both infants and children for a variety of conditions. Accommodations are made to make your baby or child as comfortable as possible with the treatment process, but it is not uncommon for babies to cry at some point during a session. It has been our experience that this is often a physiologic response on their part that enhances the effects of the treatment. We may ask for your help in engaging your child with soothing music, toys, books and stories, which can be effective ways of distracting them and helping them to get the most benefit. Babies may fall asleep during the treatment process and are generally more relaxed afterwards, often sleeping more soundly that evening.

It is important to realize that even the “normal” processes of labor and delivery and of growth and development, are stressful events for children. We believe that it is valuable, therefore, to treat babies as soon as possible after birth, even if the birthing process was not considered to be “traumatic”, as well as every 6 months or so during childhood, when their bodies are changing rapidly and dramatically.